(Above: Paul Stillman, Sea Pines Homeowner with Mike Manesiotis, Broker In Charge/Owner of Hilton Head Long Term Rentals)

Our services are designed for property owners who wish to rent their home or villa
for six months or longer, furnished or unfurnished.



  • Marketing the property for lease.
  • Insuring that the rental rate is competitive in the area so that you, the owner, receive consistent monthly income.
  • Obtaining rental applications from prospective tenants.
  • Screening prospective tenants by performing a credit check through a national credit bureau.
  • Inventorying the property at the beginning and ending of each tenancy.
  • Preparing the rental agreement.
  • Collecting the security deposit (pet deposit if applicable) and monthly rent.
  • Coordinating legal action for the collection of late rents and eviction if necessary.
  • Preparing detailed monthly owner's statements of income and expenses.
  • Scheduling of maintenance and repairs to the property on a 24-hour basis.
  • Inspecting the property to insure tenant care of premises with a written report sent to you, the owner.

Here are some items you'll want to consider addressing prior to putting your property on the rental market:

  • The property should be clean. All personal items should be removed from the premises. If the property is furnished, please remove any special personal items or lock them securely in an owner's closet.
  • All appliances must be in good, working order. The drip pans on the stove should be replaced. The garbage disposal must have a cover.
  • The carpets need to be steamed cleaned.
  • All interior and exterior windows need to be washed, including the sills.
  • All smoke detectors must have a notarized certificate stating that the system has been checked before each new tenancy.
  • If gas appliances, gas fireplace, etc are present, a carbon monoxide detector needs to be present or installed.
  • All HVAC filters need to be changed.
  • All interior and exterior lights must be working.
  • The yard should have proper ground cover, i.e. grass, pinestraw, etc.
  • The irrigation system as per Town Code must have a rain sensor.
  • The irrigation system may need a back flow device. Annual inspections of the device may be necessary by the Public Service District supplying water to your property.
  • An exterior house number is required as per Town Code.
  • All interior and exterior cabinets throughout the house should be clean.
  • The caulking in the tubs and showers and around the toilets and sinks should be checked and re-caulked if necessary.
  • The exterior of the property should be clean, including gutters, roof, etc.
  • The property must be re-keyed prior to each new tenancy.
  • The property owner needs to provide landscape and pool maintenance service (if applicable).


*Many of these initial checklist items will subsequently be performed when the tenants vacate the property as part of their move-out responsibilities.

**Should the owner desire not to perform any of the checklist items, we will arrange for them to be performed, the cost of which will be deducted from the first month's rental income.

***Monthly maintenance (i.e. pool and lawn service, etc.) can be deducted from the owner's rental income, or the owner may pay the provider directly.


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